In the summer of 2018, we decided to make a last-minute change to our month-plus planned summer vacation (to sail SV Dakota down the California coast and revisit our favorite Channel Island, Catalina) and instead went to visit family in three provinces up in Canada.

We started our trip in Nova Scotia, then headed west to Quebec and finally spent the last part of our summer in Ontario. A trek of 3,100 kilometers, we booked some solid tires-on-asphalt time in our trusty rented minivan, sang (pitchless, most likely) along to some old favorites, and gave the kiddos a downright Griswold-like experience truckin’ along Canada’s roadways.

One kid lost his first tooth in Northern Ontario (on what would have been his Grandfather’s 69th birthday!), the other celebrated his first double-digit birthday at his first sleep-away hockey camp and the adults celebrated a big (18 years!) wedding anniversary. Old memories were revisited, new ones were made and in between the chaos and kilometers, we reconnected, recalibrated, regrouped and found gratitude in the company of each other.

More to come on our travels in Canada!