2017 Year in Books

2017 was a banner year in books for me, with a year of travel (on S/V Dakota and backpacking through Europe with our kids) and inconsistent access to wifi and TV, I was able to really focus on what I’m passionate about–books and writing.  2017 is also the year I blew out my reading challenge ending the year with 35 books read!  Find out what I read, what my reactions were to those books and which authors I’m stalking these days as a result!

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2017 Year in Books, Part II

Finally an update to the book section of our blog!  I’ve mentally been keeping track of what books I’ve finished (and whether they are worth sharing with y’all), but I finally put pen to paper and am happy to report that I’m about halfway to my goal of 25 books read on this yearlong adventure! As more aptly explained by BT in this post, between educating and taking care of the kids, keeping up on boat/housework, language study, and adding in the more manual nature of our everyday chores, i.e., grocery shopping by foot, bus or taxi and trekking laundry all over various locales, and trying to squeeze in any personal time for writing and/or running (but never both in the same day!), I haven’t had as much time as I thought I would to read. I have piles, no GADS of books on the boat that I promised myself I’d get through this year. When in reality, at this point, I’m merely hoping to hit my normal goal of 25 books. Anywho… for now, here’s what I’ve managed to get through lately and what I’m reading right now:


2017 Year in Books, Part I

Although I haven’t been able to officially update the blog with our whereabouts (San Diego) and what we’ve been up to (celebrating Finley’s 4th birthday and endless boat projects to prepare for our Mexico departure), I wanted to post an update to the book section of our blog for those interested!